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Charles Cunanan
Actor - Dancer

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Charles started dancing at the age of seventeen. He started with jazz, contemporary, and ballet styles. He received a scholarship to attend the School of Contemporary Dancers once he graduated high school. At the same time, he continued to dabble in hip hop and advanced choreography. He quickly fell in love with dance, and continued to understand and learn different genres of dance to find his own unique style. 

Charles made the move to Vancouver, British Columbia to pursue a career in dance in June 2017. He danced on the hip hop competitive dance team, TwoFourSeven Co. directed by Carlo Atienza and Roberta Bierman for 2 seasons. This experience allowed Charles to compete with them internationally at World of Dance LA and America's Got Talent. Charles continues his training, with world renowned directors/choreographers Jerome Esplana (Trek), and Kelvin Tu and Adrian Vendiola (Northside, Studio North).


Moving forward, Charles has been broadening his talents in acting, singing, and modelling. With his eagerness to develop new skills, his determination, and confidence; Charles is excited to step into his own, and to step into this next new chapter.

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