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Jon Ray Dy Buco
Actor - Dancer - Choreographer

Jon Ray was born in the Philippines and grew up in Calgary where his passion for dance exploded at the age of 14. He initially found his interest in hip hop but as he learned more about the culture, he was introduced to funk, animation, and vogue where he has incorporated his training in these styles to portray his own artistry in movement. Jon Ray’s eagerness to grow and learn lead him to travel around North America to attend conventions such as Monsters, Kaos, and Dancers Paradise to learn from the industries well-renowned artists such as Luther Brown, Robert Green, Lyle Beniga, Ysabelle Capitule, and many more.

Jon Ray has had the pleasure of recently working with Mandy Moore, Jeff Mortensen, and Jill Meyers on NBC’s “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Season 2”. He strives to pursue his love for the arts everyday with a smile on his face and he believes that no amount of boundaries can withstand the mindset of a hard-working, goal-setting individual.

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