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Choreographer - Dancer
Representative Styles
 Commercial Hip Hop House Old School Dancehall Jazz Funk


In the early days of his career, Mark danced for countless Canadian artists such as Shawn Desman, Jully Black, Victoria Duffield and Nelly Furtado to name a few. He has also danced in Canada’s most notable shows such as The Juno Awards, MMVA’s and So You Think You Can Dance Canada. After spending years building his resume and honing his skills as a dancer in Canada, Mark decided to take the next major step in his career and become a dancer in the U.S. He was fortunate enough to work with some of the industries biggest choreographers there. His journey led him to dance for multi-platinum recording artists such as Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliott, Kelis and many more. Today,


Mark is a well-established figure in the dance industry and with over 20 years of experience, he has shifted his passion into choreography. He co-choreographs Ricky Martin’s award-winning boy band, CNCO. He also choreographed his first feature film, Dr. Cabbie. As he became more recognizable as a choreographer, he teamed up with the legendary Paul Becker (Choreographer/Director). Together, they have choreographed for a variety of very successful film and TV shows such as Disney’s - The Descendants, The Magicians, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Good Boys starting Seth Rogan. As Mark continues to climb the ladder to success, he wants to be an influential voice in the dance industry that will allow him to provide opportunities to the next generation of dancers.


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