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Momoko Shimada


Momo is a world-renowned bgirl with many wins to her name. She has taken the title for the prestigious “1on1 Queen vs Queen bgirl Battle” in 2012 and 2013 in Seattle, and has received 2nd place at the “1on1 Dstreet Contest 2017” in France while she was pregnant. Momo also came back as a semi-finalist in the House Category at the Vancouver Street Dance Festival in 2018 at her 7 months postpartum.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan until she moved to Vancouver as Massage Therapist in 2011 after she passed Japanese national license. She started career as a body practitioner, but it didn’t stop her dancing.

She brings a unique, creative, and dynamic style to the dance floor, which stems from her extensive career. She started classical ballet in grade one, contemporary dance in grade ten, and then street dance (breaking/breakdance, house) at University. She is self-taught and takes classes in other street dance styles include partner dance; NewStyle Hustle She also has a career in teaching training for body-conditioning and Massage therapy. Recently as a new mother, her passion for dance never stops and she brings her son to almost every event to be part of the culture.

She has been in many Live performances such as at NHL games, CFL game/award, Vancouver Street Dance Festival, Vancouver Mural Festival and ArtStars. But her passion towards dance never stops trying new things and she recently starts a career for TV/ Film/ Commercial industry.

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