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Oakley Arksey

Oakley’s tiny stature and expressive eyes let the world know what she is always feeling.  This makes acting the perfect outlet for her. Oakley started dancing at a young age.  It was there that she learned that being on stage was not just about the awards or placements but about the performance and how it touched the audience in a special way.


Oakley has a presence and charisma that make her easy to work with.  Her huge heart makes her loved by everyone she meets including peers, teachers, coaches, directors, and her team of care providers that keep her at peak performance.


Oakley’s natural abilities are being further fostered and her technical acting skills are being sharpened by acting coach and actress Nicole LaPlaca which she loves seeing weekly.

Her work ethic in many disciplines of dance has taught her how to multitask, set goals and achieve them.  It has also taught her how to deal with disappointment and how to overcome challenges. She is a dedicated performer that attempts to be involved in all things artistic whether it is singing, dancing, piano, acting on stage or acting in front of the camera.


Oakley has earned numerous top-level awards in dance.  This passion led Oakley to acting after playing several lead roles in local musical productions (mostly recently in a professional production of  “It’s a Wonderful Life” at the Anvil Theatre, December 2019). This summer, she attended her first ever commercial audition and landed herself the principal role (Macy’s back to school commercial, Fall 2019). Oakley’s dance teacher, who is also an actress, encouraged Oakley to pursue acting as she felt it was Oakley’s destiny to work in the TV/Film industry. Oakley was recently cast in a reoccurring principal role with Disney!


Dancing and singing are Oakley’s passions but acting is her true aspiration and she is very excited for the future!!!

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