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Sharon Lee
Dancer - Actor

Sharon is an emerging professional artist who has trained with the best in the street dance community and industry. Always actively seeking opportunity to learn, train, and create has opened many doors to Sharon’s knowledge and movement. In Vancouver, she has trained under Kim Sato, and is one of the original members of twofourseven Company. Sharon has also trained in New York with Buddha Stretch, Henry Link, Poping Pete, Caleaf, Majory Smarth, and so many more. She’s also trained in Los Angeles, and in Europe with many known industry choreographers.


With Sharon’s background in training, it has lead her to work with local and international artists such as Elise Estrada, IMUR, A Tribe Called Red, JB the first Lady and many more. Her talent has also opened doors to perform at many high profile events such as Juno Fest, TED talks, and Takashi Murakami’s preview showing Art Gallery Night/Birthday Bash. In addition she’s had many opportunities to work on set such as Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Charmed, Julie and The Phantom, and many more.


When Sharon is not training, and/or performing, she partakes in many local and international house battles and events. Also, she tries to travel to expand her knowledge in street dance culture.

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