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Simran Sachar

Simran Sachar (she/her) is a multi-disciplinary dance artist, writer, actor and second generation East Indian/Punjabi immigrant born in Canada. Finding herself through the work of decolonization and highlighting the voices of BIPOC women and BIPOC non binary artists. She’s been dancing since she was 3 years old: Ballet, tap, jazz and modern. At 18 she began hip hop, heels, and has started exploring other street styles such as: Waacking, Dancehall, House, and Animation. With Simran’s understanding in various dance forms, she is a melting pot.


For Simran, the biggest responsibility of an artist in her eyes is: to be the storyteller, the one who tells the truth. Her dance is highly driven by story telling. Making Simran one of the most authentic and unique dance artists of her generation. Rather than labelling her movement to a single style, she recognizes the multiple places her foundation stems from and therefore never abandons foundation, but rearranges it. She believes there is always an underlying reason, beyond technique or training, to why people move the way they do, and that reason has to do with the lives they live, ancestry, and the openness in their hearts.


She has trained and performed in multiple shows across the Philippines, New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. She is an alumni of various creative programs and collectives across North America such as the world-renowned: Gypsy Project. Her latest achievements include performing at Fringe Manila, with Immigrant Lessons as an interpreter in the latest work titled: Origins. Simran has created various commissioned full-length works, and is in the process of her most recent solo, titled “This is What Makes Us Girls.” Her film entitled: “No Alarms” was chosen to be presented for “Isol-art,” by Teddy Tedholm and Sara Richman. Most recently, "LUNACY" was premiered at FORM Film Festival and won the Official Selection of the 2020 Audience Choice Award.

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