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Spencer Taylor
Singer - Dancer

From the age of 2, Spencer has had a burning passion for preforming. Growing up in Vancouver, Spencer began dancing at Peggy Peats School of Dance, where he trained in all styles ranging from Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre & much more. At the Age of 16, he began his professional career working commercial jobs in the Vancouver area and booking his first major roll as the Male Dance Lead in the Pacific National Exhibitions, “Hit The Deck”.     


Soon after, Spencer began his career with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, completing two contracts. His first contract as a dancer, while also dancing in the “Featured Jive Duet”, and most importantly, his second contract as Dance Captain. Spencer was only 19 years old when given the job of Dance Captain, making him the youngest Dance Captain in the Royal Caribbean fleet. From then, Spencer moved to London, England, to continue his dance & singing training & to make his mark in the large Musical Theatre scene there. His training took place at London’s largest dance studios, “Pineapple Studios” & “Base”.


Spencer has now made his way back home to Vancouver, Canada & is eager to see what the dance & acting opportunities here may present. He is a versatile, strong, energetic & fearless male performer who is open to any & every opportunity. He is excited to see what the future may bring. 

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